Your hair requires frequent color-treatments due to quickly-growing roots? Or maybe you have noticed first gray hairs which you want to conceal? Cameleo offers you a product that will help you conceal roots and gray hairs without proper hair coloring and a hair salon visit.

Hair & Root Touch-Up – check for yourself!

Hair coloring and other chemical treatments have many various consequences for your hair. One of the most annoying is that after too short a time the roots are back. Depending on the difference between your natural and your dyed color, and your speed of hair growth, the roots might be visible as soon as 2 weeks after the last treatment. Looking at the unaesthetic hair parting makes you shiver but a hasty visit to a hair salon does not sound like a good idea? To prolong the time between colorings try out Hair & Root Touch-Up from Cameleo.

More Details About Hair & Root Touch-Up

Our product looks like a lipstick but its consistency is much less oily in order not to weigh down the hair. It is of the size that allows you to conveniently put it into even the smallest bag to be at hand whenever and wherever you need it. The stick is available in two colors, brown and black. The formula of the product instantly minimizes the difference between the roots and the dyed hair, and conceals gray hairs. The application is extremely quick and easy, all you have to do is to apply the product directly to the spots you wish to touch up. Touch-Up Stick, in contrast to hair mascaras or coloring powders or gels, looks really natural and is almost invisible. For women who fear lasting effect on their hair there is good news – the product stays on your hair only until the next shampoo.

How to use Hair & Root Touch-Up

Hair & Root Touch-Up is perfect for every woman who wants to minimize the color difference between her hair and roots. We know that conspicuous roots can ruin every detailed outfit, that is why our product is indispensable whenever you need to quickly even out the color and show a flawless hairstyle. Hair & Root Touch-Up also makes it possible for you to go longer between color-treatments. This, in turn, allots some time for your hair to regenerate and rebuild before next coloring.

Hair & Root Touch-Up is a direct and temporary solution. If you prefer something more lasting, consider Cameleo Coloring Shampoo with Hydro Complex, which is a quick way to refresh your color and conceal roots between successive colorings. The effect of the shampoo washes off gradually and lasts until 4 to 6 shampoos. It is very gentle as it does not contain ammonia or oxidants which makes it safe and delicate for your hair and scalp. Additional moisturizing complex improves hair vitality and enhances its look. Plus, the shampoo is very easy to apply.

If your wish to avoid frequent coloring but at the same time want to conceal your roots and grays reach for an extra efficient Hair & Root Touch-Up from Cameleo.