The holidays came, and you are still searching for andinspiration to change your look? It’s time to say goodbye to a schoolgirl image and have some fun! Our new colouring sprays will help you with that!

NeON Colours Express Spray is a product that will allow you to change your image in minutes. It is to be used on fair hair – blonde, bleached or grey. Going to a festival or a summer party and want to look different for such occasion? Go for our spray!

The product gives you endless possibilities. It is a great alternative to permanent hair dyes. The spray will allow you to try our different shades, that will suit your character. Thinking about colourful ends, rainbow hair or pink ombre – this product was made for exactly that.

How to use it?

The spray is safe and extremely easy to use. The application is the same as for a traditional hair spray. After spraying, brush your hair to ensure even coverage. Don’t forget to put a towel around your shoulders – this will prevent colouring your clothes as well. After that, use a hair dryer or leave your hair to dry naturally. If possible, ask another person for help – It will be easier for them to apply the product well on the back of the head.

The spray gives a pastel colour with varying intensity, depending on the amount used. Like to experiment? Try using multiple colours simultaneously!

How to get rid of the spray?

The NeON Colours Spray is not a permanent dye, as it does not penetrate to the inside of the hair. The colour will diminish after a few washes. Remember that if your hair is damaged or bleached the colour may last longer and be more intensive.

If you can’t afford to look extravagant everyday but from time to time want to go crazy this is a product for you! One day you walk out with a crazy pink hair and the next you’re back to your natural shade. Or perhaps the next day you will fancy blue? Nothing stands in your way to do it, so get on with it!