Cosmetic industry continues to grow and regularly introduces new ingredients which are supposed to relieve our various hair and scalp problems. If we happen to fight a few problems at the same time – for example dandruff and thin hair – we tend to use too many different products, which doesn’t make the condition of our hair any better. Instead of healthy sheen we end up with dry and hard-to-style strands.


The culprit is in the ingredient list. A lot of widely available hair care products contain chemicals which might deteriorate the condition of our hair. The more often we use them the more harmful effect they have on our hair and scalp.


Another ingredient to be avoided is Sodium Chloride. Behind this sophisticated chemical name there is nothing more than common table salt. Why is it on the ingredient list of a shampoo, you might ask. Well, salt is a cheap thickener which provides creamy texture for the cosmetic products. Unfortunately, it also makes your hair dry and might irritate the sensitive scalp.

Cameleo’s mission is to provide hair-friendly products of the best quality. Our shampoos are salt-free – instead they contain special ingredients which thicken the shampoo but at the same time provide nourishment and create delicate lather.

Cameleo products are dedicated to various types of hair. Your will find a shampoo which enhances curling, makes your color last longer, and volumizes. The gentle formula of the shampoos doesn’t irritate the sensitive scalp and prevents your hair from getting dry and brittle.


Cameleo BB shampoos contain nourishing oils – macadamia, marula and argan oil – as well as keratin which provides intensive regeneration.

With this excellent (and safe!) ingredient list, Cameleo BB will surely excel at taking care of your hair!