Are you thinking of changing your blonde or bleached hair shade? If you want to add some  color to your look, read our post about pink hair rinse!

What is rose blonde?

Rose blonde, or pink blonde, is a new hair color trend and a perfect idea for women who want to refresh and modify their blonde hairdos. It is another variety of pink hair – following the wave of pastel pink, pink and strawberry blonde, and rose gold (pink shade with golden glow), now the time has come for rose blonde. Unlike rose gold which best suits women with light and delicate complexion, rose blonde is ideal for all beauty types: blonde with a cool pink glow makes every woman look dazzling. The additional advantage of this hair color trend is that it gradually washes out of your hair – the pink color is washed away evenly, without unaesthetic roots.



What to use to achieve rose blonde?

How to achieve rose blonde in your own bathroom? One way is to use hair rinse. There are three available colors: purple, silver and pink. Each one should be used according to its purpose, so always think ahead of how the particular rinse would affect your current hair color and hair condition, and what results you would like to get. To achieve rose blonde, use Cameleo pink hair rinse. You can use it every time you shampoo your hair.

How to achieve rose blonde?

Remember, to achieve the most intense shade of pink, you need to be patient and use the hair rinse regularly. The color must take its time to properly penetrate your hair. After the first use the effect will be already noticeable, but to get the more powerful color you need to repeat the whole procedure. Cameleo hair rinse might be safely used after every shampoo, so you will quickly achieve the desired effect. Follow our practical tip: the most convenient way to use our product is to pour about 2 liters of water into a sink or a bowl and add the desired amount of  hair rinse. We advise you to initially add about 1-2 tablespoons, as each hair has individual features that might affect the result of coloring. If the effect is too gentle for you, however, next time add 3-4 tablespoons of hair rinse. You can rinse your hair with either warm or cold water. Cold water might cause the color to penetrate the hair structure less easily but in turn it makes the hair smooth and shiny. The higher the water temperature, the better the color works, but as a consequence the hair may be more prone to frizzing and greasing. Rinse your hair with thoroughly mixed solution, you can also soak it. Then squeeze out the excess water (do not rub too much with the towel!) and style your hair as you usually do. You decide how much of your hair will be color-treated. You might apply pink all over your hair, or decide in favor of ombre – dip just your hair ends.

Why is rose too light on my blonde hair?

If you think that despite following our practical tips your color is still not as intense as you would like it to be, make sure that your hair is properly bleached. The rinses are much softer than the hair dyes, so your hair should be prepared to soak in the color – in a nutshell, the lighter the hair, the better the hair rinse works.

Why is rose too strong on my hair?

If you are worried that the pink shade will be too intense, do not add more than 1 tablespoon per two liters of water and use the rinse only every two or three shampoos. Also pay attention to the condition of your hair: heavily bleached and / or damaged hair absorbs the color faster and for longer.

Are you willing to try rose blonde now?

It is worth mentioning that Cameleo pink hair rinse is not only a great alternative to pink hair dye, but also an effective way to eliminate the unwanted yellow shade on blond hair. The formula of our rinse is designed not only to change your hairstyle, but also to effectively nourish your hair. Thanks to its reliable formula and affordable price, you will enjoy the latest trend in hair coloring without having to visit the hair salon!