The new year has begun and it is perfect time to for summaries and setting goals for the upcoming 365 days. The beginning of January may symbolize a new chapter for many of us – not only a new page in the calendar, but a completely new one! It is a tradition for millions of people to hope for positive changes in life. It usually involves changing an undesirable trait or behavior, but also improving health, fitness, finances and personal or professional development. You probably also know this feeling of initial excitement, enormous motivation, which – unfortunately – sometimes lasts only for a few weeks. After this short time we let go and our goals are forgotten. Why do we give up so quickly and how to change it?

Have you ever heard of the SMART method?

It is a method that helps you plan your goals and resolutions wisely. These are only 5 rules, and they can significantly increase the chance of implementing everything on the New Year’s ‘to change’ list.

  • S – Specific
  • M – Measurable
  • A – Attractive
  • R – Realistic
  • T – Timely

This is what your goal should be for your chances of success. Try to be as precise as possible on your points on the “TO DO” list. Remember: not all at once – instead of making decisions about oiling your hair twice a week, drying it with low temperatures, or trimming the ends every month – plan one goal, and when it becomes an integral part of your life – add another one. This resolution will therefore be precise, measurable, attractive, timely and most importantly – realistic.

Did you know that habits don’t develop in 21 days? The average time needed for something to “enter our blood” is 66 days. In 2009 96 researchers from University Collage in London decided to check it and the time spread between them lasted from 18 to 256 days! Therefore, do not be discouraged that someone else’s resolutions may come faster than yours. Each change requires work, consistency and dedication, but the results will give you great satisfaction and motivation to continue. Check off your little steps in a notebook or calendar, on paper or on your phone. Thanks to this, you will be able to see your progress and measure it realistically.

Schedule a cheat day

Allow yourself one exception a week or month. If your resolution is “I will not dry my hair with warm air” and one day you will have to leave the house earlier than usual – don’t risk getting sick! Dry your hair with a blow dryer, mark this deviation on your calendar, and go back to your New Year’s schedule right away. Sometimes you fall asleep and forget to do your grooming, and sometimes you use dry shampoo in a rush. It’s natural, so it’s worth not to get discouraged and calmly return to the designed path. Be patient and understanding with yourself. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Challenge yourself and we will support and help you achieve your dreams. Start 2022 with a statement and end it with success!