A well-chosen hairstyle can make you look younger and slimmer, which is why it’s so important to match it well with the shape of your face before you succumb to trends yet again.

Length matters! The 6 cm rule

This method is approved by hairdressers and easy to perform at home. It lets you determine the best length for your hair before visiting the salon. It will make you feel more certain about what you want and approach the ideas of a hairdresser with an „artistic” hand more firmly.
Just measure the distance between your chin and ear. It is best to use a pencil and a ruler for accuracy.

place the pencil horizontally under your chin,
put the ruler (vertical) under the earlobe so that the lines formed by the ruler and the pencil intersect at right angles,
check the number indicated by tip of the pencil on the ruler.
If the distance between these parts of your face is less than 6 cm, you will probably look good with short hair. If the pencil indicates 6 cm or more, it means that you should go for longer hairstyles.

Triangles and squares

The 6 cm rule is just a trick, but it can be used as a clue as to whether it is really worth cutting your hair. However, aditionally it is worth focusing on the general shape of your face. There are many, but the most popular ones are rectangular, oval, round, heart-shaped and triangular.

Learn tips for each of them:


If you have a round face, you should avoid hairstyles that add width to your head or hairstyles with straight bangs at all costs.


As the owner of this face shape, you can consider yourself lucky. Almost all hairstyles suit the oval face – both short and long.


If you have a rectangular face, you should avoid long hair as it will accentuate your jawline and make your head look even wider than it really is.


In this case, strong layering and strands falling on the face are perfect. You will also look great with any shape of bangs.


If the picture on the left matches what you see in the mirror, then a short bob in a curly or classic version is most likely your best haircut choice. However, if you care about longer hair, remember to ask your hairdresser for layers and keep the side bangs.

Remember that in addition to the trick of determining the distance between the ear and chin and being aware of your face shape, the condition, thickness and porosity of your hair should also be taken into consideration. However, the final hairstyle choice should be based on what you feel best in- and this is the most important rule.