Monika Leder: ‘I am a heroine, just like you!’

As she repeats continuously – nothing in life happens without a reason. She once was secretive, ashamed and quiet. Today? She is the hero of her own life!

Crohn’s disease that changed her life turned out to be a gateway to changes that she had never imagined before. She organizes meetings, conferences and co-creates the Łódź Maniacs Association. Most importantly, she familiarizes people with the issue of a stoma, which has been a taboo subject – until now. She mainly uses herTIK TOK channel, which is currently followed by over 1000 people (@chill_lederka).

Thanks to the change of her attitude towards life and the situation in which she found herself, she began to pursue her dreams. These days Monika appears in para-documentaries, takes part in photo shoots (also for one of the largest women’s magazines in Poland) and – above all – breaks the mold! There are no limits for her.

She strongly believes that her activities will change lives of other people who also struggle with ilnesses.
Monika Leder: ‘Because life is about LIVING’

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