Two days of stubble, the “lumberjack” style… it all sounds like you’re doing nothing. Unfortunately, life is never that easy. To have a dream, beautiful, lush beard you have to work a little bit. The effect will compensate for all that effort. Here we suggest how to care for a male beard, so that it is something to be proud of!

Probably each of you at least once in your life dreamed of a beautiful, lush beard. Unfortunately, many people are discouraged when they realize that this is not so easy. However, we think that it is very simple – just be patient, have a few necessary cosmetics and get some good habits.

Beard care accessories

First of all, don’t forget that the beard is also hair. So you can’t just leave them to their own. The beard should be combed, while the object used for this is the beard brush. What is it? This is the brush for brushing men’s beards. Why can’t we use an ordinary brush? Because the hair on the beard is thicker and harder. Combing your beard will give your hair the right shape and at the same time will prevent the skin from drying and improve its blood supply, which in turn will contribute to faster hair growth.

So take the beard brush in the hand and brush! You have to do it at least once a day to get the results you want.

Beard daily care

Once the beard is well brushed, you can continue to care for it. It is obvious that the hair on the beard needs to be washed just as much as the hair on the scalp. And although it’s so obvious, unfortunately many men forget about it. You can use the same shampoo to wash your beard – but we don’t recommend using soap, which can dry out your skin and expose it to additional irritation.

 Washed, brushed, and then what? It’s time to put a dot over the “i”. Beard oil is the undisputed “must have” in every bearded man’s vanity bag. As hair grows, the production of sebum decreases more and more, which is why men who grow beards often complain about dry skin. Oil is the right answer to this problem. Cameleo Men offers beard and moustache oil that moisturizes hair and skin, minimizes irritation and softens rough hair. In addition, the beard looks aesthetically, while the hair gets healthy shine.

How to improve the look of the beard?

Once your beard is in a good condition, hair looks healthy and shiny and you can focus on giving it the right shape. Women have their own hairspray, and what about men? Our products include mustache and beard pomade that gives beautiful shine and also helps to manage and shape it.