Does your hair curl when wet? Does your hair like straightening or curling treatment ? Perhaps your hair is highly porous and require special care with cosmetics designed for dry and damaged hair.

Find out how to determine if your hair has high porosity and what cosmetics you can use to make it look beautiful!


Hair porosity is the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture. There are three porosity types: low, medium and high.

Low porosity hair – the hair is healthy and strong. The cuticles in the hair structure are tightly arranged and therefore the cuticles are tight and resistant to the hairdressing treatments. The hair does not absorb water quickly.

High porosity hair – unfortunately, this hair type is not very healthy in its appearance. The hair is dry, damaged and the hair scales are uneven. The hair also has a tendency to frizz under unfavorable weather conditions. How to determine high porosity hair? There are a few symptoms of high porosity hair: it dries out very quickly after washing and absorbs water or any cosmetics very fast. The positive aspect of it is that the hair is easy to style. It is also worth mentioning, that curly hair is a very demanding type of hair and usually by its nature has high porosity.

Medium porosity hair – it is a mixture of low and high porosity hair. It happens very often that previously healthy hair becomes highly porous as a result of regular hairdressing treatments or frequent use of a hair curler, straightener or hair dryer.




Apply more care cosmetics – high porosity hair absorbs all active ingredients contained in cosmetics very quickly. Anti –Damage Keratin Mask designated for damaged hair will help you restore the condition of unruly hair. Your hair becomes nourished, smooth and soft to the touch.




Use cosmetics containing oils – high porosity hair loves oils because oils make the hair  moisturized and shiny. Indulge your hair with a Smoothing Mask with hemp oil. This precious ingredient nourishes the hair and closes the raised cuticles, characteristic of high porosity hair.


Refrain from frequent using of a  hair straightener or hair curler – high porosity hair is very sensitive and even a single straightening or curling treatment can damage it.




Take care of the hair ends. To strengthen the ends of high porosity hair, use regularly the silky Serum from Anti-Damage Line. The cosmetic contains argan oil and biomimetic keratin, which will moisturize rough and brittle hair ends perfectly, regenerate the hair and protect it from further damage.




Use cosmetics that make combing easy – high porosity hair tend to tangle frequently, because its structure is not smooth. In this case, Keratin Liquid Conditioner for Damaged Hair or the Green Hair Care Mist with hemp oil, which restores shine and vitality of the hair, will be very helpful.




As you can see, high porosity hair is very delicate and requires special care.
But we are convinced that if you follow all our tips, you will take good care of it!