Optimal hair care is a constant challenge for many of us. It’s hard not to notice how our hair changes with age, exposure to various external factors and our lifestyle. The hair becomes thinner, more brittle, and may even begin to fall out. It’s a natural process, but a new method known as hair cycling can help restore your hair’s youthful shine and healthy appearance!

Hair cycling: What is it?

Hair cycling, i.e. cyclical hair care, is an innovative method based on hair growth process, which is known as the hair cycle. This cycle consists of three phases: anagen, i.e. the growth phase; catagen, i.e. the transition phase; and telogen, i.e. the resting phase. All the hair on our head is in different phases of this cycle at any given time.

The most important phase from the point of view of hair cycling is the anagen phase. This is where the hair grows and acquires its structure. The problem for many people is that as the body ages, the anagen phase becomes shorter, which means hair grows slower and becomes less healthy. Hair cycling aims to extend this phase and activate the hair’s intensive growth.

How does hair cycling work?

Hair cycling is based on advanced technology and carefully selected active ingredients that help to restore the balance of the hair cycle.

Benefits of hair cycling:

  • Accelerating hair growth: Long-term use of hair cycling products can accelerate the rate of hair growth and help you achieve longer, healthier locks.
  • Improved hair quality: Hair will become stronger, more elastic and less prone to brittleness.
  • Preventing hair loss: Improving the hair growth cycle can help reduce hair loss.
How to start with hair cycling?

If you are interested in hair cycling, it is worth consulting a professional or hair care specialist. He or she can advise you on what products or treatments are best for your hair type and needs. Remember, however, that hair cycling is a process that requires patience because the results do not  occur immediately.

Hair is an important element of our identity and well-being, so it is worth investing time and attention in its care.