Spring is the best time for changes, including the ones in hair color! Bet on a home metamorphosis with Cameleo and learn about the hottest trends of the spring – summer ‘21 season.
Red riding good

Do you want extreme changes in your look? Bet on the ores! This color has mastered not only Instagram accounts of top hairdressers. It also often appeared on the hair of models at fashion shows. In addition, the series “Queen’s Gambit” contributed to the popularity of this color, in which the leading actress Anya Taylor-Joy had an exceptionally beautiful red hairstyle. However, this season we are moving away from fiery shades and focusing on calmer tones, such as those found in the Apricot rinse with the addition of nourishing hydrolates. Who is the ore suitable for? People with fair complexion and green or hazel eyes look best in this hair shade.


This season, the fashion for bronde shade returns with a bang! It is a combination of sunny blonde with warm, delicate brown. Women love this color because it doesn’t require regular dyeing and it looks even better with natural regrowth! Additionally, you can make it yourself using Cameleo OMEGA + permanent paint. It suits many types of beauty, and it looks best on longer hair, and the highlights of blonde color illuminate the complexion in the summer sun.

Chocolate and espresso

This season, last year’s trend returns to darker shades, such as dark chocolate or espresso brown. With such colors, it is worth focusing on in-depth hair hydration and styling with shine sprays. Thanks to this, the color will gain depth and add elegance. However, you should remember to choose the right shade for your complexion – ladies with cooler skin tones can confidently reach for dark brown paint or Cameleo herbal henna in a shade of chocolate brown.

Swedish blonde

This trend also returned after years. Platinum blonde adds chic, and the silver glow shimmers beautifully in the sun. However, this color does not suit everyone! Cool blonde highlights reddened and capillary complexion. In addition, it is more suitable for people with fair skin and blue eyes. But remember, it’s always worth a try! It is nothing more then fun with the Cameleo coloring shampoo.

This season’s hair color trends promise to be really interesting. Which shade will you choose this summer?