Summer is a perfect time to switch up your look. If you are not ready for a permanent change, try our hair toners!

Cameleo offers three different colours – grey, pink and purple – and each of them will allow you to go a little crazy. How to choose the perfect one for yourself? Read our guide!

Cameleo hair toners have already been tested by bloggers who fell head over heels for them. Now it’s time for you. Our product targets women with blonde hair, who are fed up various problems surrounding colour or simply want a change.

How to choose the right hair toner?

Pink hair toner

Probably a favourite of all hair lovers. This toner will colour your hair pink, with the level intensity left for you to decide on. This product can be used on both natural and dyed hair.
The preparation is very simple and it requires almost no effort to change one’s appearance. Simply pour around 2 litres of water into a bowl and add 1tbsp of product. If you want the colour to be more intense, you can add a little more. After washing your hair, rinse it with the mixture. With this toner you can achieve the rose effect – recently a very fashionable shade.

Now you can enjoy a truly crazy, summer hairstyle! Besides colour, what can our toners do? They eliminate any non-popular yellow tones. Additionally, they will nourish the hair and give it a subtle shine.
Are you a redhead? Our pink toner can be useful – it will make the colour deeper and more intense!
If you are not swayed by pink hair, you can choose from 2 other products:

Purple hair toner

Similarly to the previous one, it is designed to reduce the appearance of yellow tones. After using it, your hair will have a purple shine, second most desired during this season.

It is advised to always have our hair toner at hand when thinking about dying one’s hair blonde. Despite the colour starting off with a beautiful cool shade, after some time it tends to fade and yellow tones appear. Use out toner and the problem disappears!

Silver hair toner

This toner works in a similar way as the purple one. Its purpose is also to eliminate warm tones within blonde hair and give it a cooler shade. Using the toner, silver blonde is much easier to achieve than you think!

Are you concerned about the condition of your hair? Don’t worry – we are all for courage, however not without precaution. Besides adding colour, our toners also nourish the hair. Now you don’t have to choose between healthy hair and a crazy hairstyle. You can experiment all you want without having to worry.

So, are you going to join other consumers who fell in love with our toners? Which one are you going to pick for yourself?