Hey you! Have you heard about the latest star trend of 2022?

Hey you! Have you heard about the latest star trend of 2022? As you may know, the world premiere of “Barbie” movie is scheduled for July the 21st, 2023. The cast includes Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Gosling as Ken. Along with the information about planned premiere we welcomed the fashion trend for neon pink, called Barbiecore. What is it about? First of all, the outfit is supposed to be sweet and sexy, like the ones of the most iconic doll in the world. Some people also decide to change their hair by coloring them pink. If you want to achieve the Barbiecore effect, you can easily do so thanks to classic Cameleo Hair Rinse with flower water, Cameleo Spray&Go Coloring Hair Spray or Cameleo pink spray-on hair rinse.

The latest trend is especially popular among famous stars. They create looks inspired by the most popular doll in history. Check out their latest Barbie style Instagram photos!

Margot Robbie i Ryan Gosling

Pay attention to the outfits of both actors! Certainly, the styling attracts attention and means that you will not pass by someone dressed like that indifferently. And that’s what it is all about!

Photos from Instagram @margotrobbieofficial

Hailey Bieber

One of the world’s most famous models and the wife of Justin Bieber – Hailey Bieber also follows hot fashion trends. She’s known from the catwalks of the greatest designers and biggest advertising campaigns. Her private styling is inspired by the latest fashion. Check out one of the last photos that she has posted on her insta!

Photo form Instagram @haileybieber

Mashine Gun Kelly

Interestingly, men are also following the Barbiecore trend. American musician and actor Mashine Gun Kelly is one of the enthusiasts of new fashion. He has taken the trend a step further by dyeing his hair pink. Thanks to original styling, he stands out from the crowd!

Photo from Instagram @machinegunkelly

Megan Fox

The style of American actress and model Megan Fox also attracts immediate attention. As you can see in the photo below, she now looks like a real Barbie doll. Blonde hair with pink highlights add a real charm. You can see that the star wants to be on top and is up to date with the latest trend. And she looks stunning!

Photo form Instagram @meganfox

Kim Kardashian

American celebrity queen Kim Kardashian, who is an inspiration for huge amount of followers, has also caught the Barbiecore bug! Her shiny handbag with the letter B for Barbie attracts the eyes! Just check out her outfit. Doesn’t she look cute and sexy at the same time? Literally like the iconic doll!

Photos form Instagram @kimkardashian

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