Holiday time is when most of us are exposed to the sun, sea salt, swimming pool chlorine, wind and many other factors that can seriously damage our hair. That’s why now, more than ever – it needs our special attention.

How can we act?

The answer is simple – use strongly regenerating Anti Damage hair care series from Cameleo!
It can rescue damaged hair, which is exactly what it needs most. Let’s take a closer look at the products included in this unique line.

The first step in every hair care routine is a shampoo. This is a formulation created specifically for scalp cleansing and restoring the healthy appearance of the hair. After a few weeks use, the stands becomes noticeably less dry and softer to the touch.

The next step is a conditioner. It’s role is to deepen the effects of the shampoo, while moisturizing and strengthening the hair. Once a week, it is worth to add a keratin mask to your hair care routine. This intensive repair treatment deeply nourishes the strands, restoring lost strength and vitality.

Silky serum can be a real highlight in your daily hair care. This unique product is applied to the ends of the hair to protect them from further damage and splitting. Additionally, the serum smoothes the strands and prevents frizz, which can become a real issue especially in autumn and winter.

The Anti Damage series is a hit when it comes to rebuilding damaged hair after holiday season. The strands gradually became much more healthy, elastic and shiny.

Your hair deserves a bit of TLC, especially after an intense summer full of sun and wind. Thanks to the treatment with Cameleo Anti Damage line, you can start planning your next holiday adventures with a peace of mind!