Did you realize that the way we wash our hair is as important as the quality of the cosmetics we use? We will suggest a few methods that can change your hair for the better. Each of them gives different effects, so you can choose the perfect one for you.


W stands for Washing. Unfortunately, many people finish caring for their hair at this point. So, apply shampoo to wet hair, massage it into the scalp and then rinse. That’s it. All hairdressers get shivers from horror at the thought of such “care”. It is not worth stopping at the shampooing, because then the hair loses its valuable protection, which is why it is exposed to loss of moisture and more frequent damage such as breaking, split ends, falling out and difficulties in styling. Shampooing alone will not give your hair the desired softness and shine!


Washing + Conditioner – this is a much better method than just shampooing. If your only word against it is lack of time, know that it is better to apply the conditioner even for 1 minute than not to apply it at all! This will make your hair much easier to comb and protect it from breaking or crushing. After washing, all you need to do is drain the excess water from your hair, apply the conditioner and rinse thoroughly after a minimum of one minute*. During this time, the cosmetic will penetrate the strands structure and provide adequate protection.

* We recommend waiting a few minutes to be able to take full advantage of the valuable properties of the product.


Conditioner first, then shampoo? Have you never heard of this method? This is a perfect solution for people with fine hair that is easy to weigh down. At first, the strands will absorb a sufficient amount of the conditioning product, and its excess will be washed out by the shampoo. This method will be great if you leave the conditioner on your hair for 20-30 minutes. You can do it while bathing in the bathtub, and thanks to steam and higher temperature, the cosmetic will penetrate deep into the hair. If you are short of time, you can also use this method in an accelerated version: wet your hair, apply the conditioner, leave it on for a few minutes, then massage the shampoo into the scalp and rinse it off after. The effect of this method will be soft and extremely nourished hair.


Conditioner, Washing, Conditioner. You could say: the holy trinity! This method is becoming more and more popular and it’s not a surprise. It will work miracles for owners of dry, damaged and curly hair. On the other hand, people with thin strands should approach this method more carefully and, above all, do not use it before a big night out. Double application of conditioner can stress the hair, which means that it visually loses volume once dried.

And what does it look like from the backstage? The first stage “C” protects the hair along its length from the effects of shampooing, and the second stage “C” gives additional moisture. How to apply this method? We hurry with the answer:

  1. Apply conditioner to damp hair, drained of excess water (starting from more or less the line of the ears to the very ends). Leave it for a few minutes. It covers the hair ends with a protective layer, thanks to which you will prevent hair from drying and mechanical damage during washing.
  2. Do not wash the conditioner off! Massage the shampoo into the scalp, and then gently wash the hair along its entire length with the foam created. Rinse the products thoroughly.
  3. The final step is to apply the conditioner again. Drain your hair with a towel and apply the conditioner again, remembering about the principle starting a few centimeters lower, then the base of the hair. After a few minutes, rinse thoroughly. Voilà!