Probably as soon as one of your friends heard that you were going to color your hair yourself, immediately presented you with black visions of what could happen if you don’t give yourself into the hands of a professional. Much of what you’ve heard about hair coloring may be shelved alongside fairy tales. So what are the most common facts and myths about hair coloring?

Before you wash your hair, a natural lipid layer forms on the surface of your hair. It protects the scalp from chemical components. Hair color manages to penetrate into the hair, while the natural protection prevents irritation. So it is best to wash your hair at least two days before the planned coloring treatment. Thus the pigment gets into the hair and the hair color does not damage it. The conclusion is that hair cannot be super fresh before coloring unless you use a lot of styling products, then this is recommended. Otherwise, do not wash your hair directly before coloring.

The use of hair color does not affect the condition of the follicles. Consequently, hair coloring does not weaken them from the inside in any way. It only works on the part of the hair that grows out of the scalp. Some hair colors, for example Cameleo Omega, are enriched with additional ingredients, such as a composition of specially selected oils, which are intended to protect the hair during the coloring treatment and prevent its damage.

This is one of the most common information about hair coloring that has nothing to do with the truth. No scientific research has confirmed this type of theory. Hormonal changes that occur at that time in a woman’s body do not affect her hair to such an extent that it is reflected in the final effect of coloring treatment.

This is the theory very similar to the one about hair coloring during the period. The truth is that hair color does not get into our body and there is no way it could affect the pregnancy. There were also myths that said that a woman who colors her hair while pregnant would have a red baby, which is definitely not true ? However, if you’re worried that the ammonia in your hair color will affect your wellbeing, you can use milder semi-permanent products, such as gentle coloring shampoos that change the color for a few weeks or gentle Cameleo herbal henna.

If hair coloring treatment is intended to refresh the color that has already been applied, it is obvious that you must first apply it to the part of your hair that has not yet been color-treated, i.e. the regrowths. After approx. 10 minutes, apply the color to the rest of your hair. What can you end up with when you put the color right on the entire hair? The difference in color – and that’s what we’d rather avoid.

Myth, myth and once again myth! Allergy test is necessary to avoid potential unpleasant situations. Unfortunately, the statistics are terrifying. The majority of women omit this stage during the preparation for the coloring treatment. Allergy test consists in applying a small amount of hair color and activator onto the hand skin. If we are allergic to any of the ingredients, the allergic reaction is very fast. If within 48 hours you do not feel any burning, itching or redness, it means that you can easily move on to the coloring treatment.

The formula of such cosmetics is based on ingredients that protect the color of color-treated hair. Cameleo line for color-treated hair contains substances that help to keep the color and protect it from damaging effects of a hair dryer or straightener. These include UV filters which, when applied to the hair, protect it against fading. This line also contains keratin that supports hair restoration and protects it against micro-damage. However, if you use cosmetics that are not intended for color-treated hair, you may be exposed to much faster washing out of the pigment.

Now that you know how to separate the truth from the myths, you can move on to hair coloring on your own. However, remember to always carefully read the leaflet of the hair coloring product, which contains detailed instructions. This is the only way to get the results you want.