Has your #BadHairDay turned into #BadHairWeek? We have a hair challenge for you! Here’s a helpful guide: 5 steps to rebuild damaged hair. We will focus on care and nourishment to bring out the natural beauty of your hair!


Some of us have hair that requires daily washing, and others can afford to wash it once every few days. If you belong to the former group, don’t worry, you’re not hurting your hair. Hair should be washed as often as required. A properly selected shampoo is supposed to thoroughly cleanse the scalp, so as to wash away the remnants of styling and the remains of dead skin. The Anti Damage shampoo is the perfect solution! It does not contain salt or artificial dyes, so in addition to the great effect of a clean head, it also leaves it incredibly moisturized and nourished.


How often do you use hair masks? We recommend 1-2 times a week, depending on your needs. Remember to apply it to damp, towel-dried strands and not to apply the product from the base of the head, as this may weigh down the hair, which results in making styling difficult later. It is worth providing the hair with warm conditions so that the mask can fully penetrate it. Therefore, put your hair in a bun, put a plastic cap around and then wrap it with a towel – this will provide great insulation. Leave the mask on for at least 30 minutes and rinse it thoroughly after that. 

If you plan to pin up your hair later, replace the mask with a conditioner.



The conditioner should be used after each hair wash. Our strands require the same hydration as our face. Can you imagine not applying cream to your skin after cleansing? We don’t even want to imagine it. Therefore, deeply take care of your hair! After thoroughly shampooing your head and hair, dry them gently with a towel, and then apply the conditioner. By applying it to wet hair, without slightly drying it, you can dilute the conditioner, which will weaken its effectiveness. Remember to leave out the scalp and face area. The next step is to rinse the product thoroughly.


Leave-in conditioners are suitable for all hair types. Their great advantage is quick application and extremely fast action. This type of cosmetic is best applied to damp, towel-dried hair, but also to dry hair when you want to reactivate your hairstyle. The conditioner will perfectly tame your strands and the frizziness will be minimized. It will also make your hair easier for you to comb and style. Your hair will be moisturized, smooth and soft to the touch. Liquid keratin conditioner will strengthen and protect your strands from high temperature during styling.


Once a luxury for the chosen ones, now fortunately one of the most popular hair care products. The serum perfectly retains moisture and leaves a smoothing effect. The silk also evens out the structure of the hair cuticle. It can be applied to wet hair before blow-drying and to dry hair after styling. Remember not to apply it from the scalp as it may weigh down your hairstyle. Rub two or three drops of the product in your hands and smooth individual strands with it. Thanks to regular use, you will rebuild hair damaged by dyeing or poor care and protect split ends.