It often happens that a becoming color on your friend’s hair makes you rush to the store and look for exactly the same shade. Only when your hair is already colored can you see that the difference between your color and your friend’s color is dramatic.
Why is it so? What should you remember about before you decide to color your hair?
1. Choose the color that fits your skin tone
To choose the right color for your hair, first you should find out what your skin tone is. You probably are one of the two basic types:
  • Cool – usually has pale or medium complexion and light blue, grey, dark brown or black eyes. Golden and reddish shades won’t fit them. Recommended hair colors for cool type include ash blonde, dark brown, and black.
  • Warm – usually has a complexion with peach or golden undertones and possible freckles; also amber, golden brown, hazel, or green eyes. Recommended hair colors for warm type include golden blonde, golden brown, and reddish brown.
red, blonde or brunette?
2. Don’t trust the model on the box
For a simple reason there are synthetic and human hair color samples in almostevery store:they are much more reliable than a color printed on the box, and they reflect shades much more accurately. You should also check the chart on the side of the package, it will help you predict the final color, depending on your starter shade.

do a test avoid bad surprises
3. Do a strand test
The whole coloring business will be a little bit more time-consuming, but might prove life-saving, trust us. It is virtually impossible to remove the permanent hair dye once you color your hair, but one strand can be easily hidden. Just mix a small amount of colorant anddeveloper in the bowl, grab an unnoticeable strand of hair and apply the mixture. This way you can check how the color really looks on your hair and also test for possible allergic reactions.
4. Go for a lighter shade
If you can’t decide which of the two shades is better for you, choose the lighter one. You caneasily darken your hair, if need be, but going down from jet black might prove difficult.

5. Chose the right type
numbersDepending on whether you want your hair color to stay just for a while or much longer, you should choose the right level of permanence. Level 1 is a temporary color, which is easy to wash out and lasts only up to 8 shampoos. Level 2 is a semi-permanent hair color which lasts up to 28 washes. And level 3 is a permanent hair color with oxidative agents.
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6. Test for allergy reactions!
Stay safe and don’t skip the allergy test before coloring. Some people might experience light to severe allergic reactions to chemicals in the hair dye compound. 48h before you wish to use the product apply a small amount of colorant on your skin and leave it to dry. If during this period you notice any allergy reactions such as redness, itching, or swelling,
do not use the product!

7. Know your hair texture
the final effect depeds on hair texture and base color

The final effect of hair coloring depends on your hair texture and its condition. Coarse, dry and brittle hair sucks up color much faster and if you leave the color cream for too long, you might end up with much darker shade than you wish. Consequently, if your hair is exceptionally thick, you should leave the color cream longer.


8. Mind your base hair color
You don’t always have to go for full color treatment. Sometimes you might coat only the roots or ends of your hair. Remember that if you put the same color again all over your hair, it will saturate more color and be come darker.


9. Act quickly
Read the directions carefully before use and follow them step by step. After you mix the color cream and developer, apply the mixture within ten minutes. If you wait longer, the outcome may be uncertain, because the oxidant would lose strength in reaction with the fresh air.

czaerwonebb10. Condition!
To make your hair look glossy and your color stay for long, don’t skip conditioning after every shampoo. For the best results use products dedicated to colored hair, which contain special color-protecting ingredients.


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